Friday, 21 May 2010


Had to make my first SMIDSY entry the other day. Usual account of a stupidly aggressive and careless driver. Cycling west down Albert Road, a driver made a turn straight across me, forcing me to cycle out into the oncoming traffic, I shouted at him, he stopped his car and started to run towards me, swearing at the top of his voice. I took his number and left the scene. Don't see the point of getting involved in an assault. Nasty experience. He was driving a monstrous ancient and tatty US model pickup (like this), the size of small bus, quite unsuited to the narrow streets of Portsmouth. He was a small elderly obese man, who could just about see over the steering wheel of the monster. Almost a stereotype of over compensation.

I must say its very rare to be the victim of anything other than carelessness, and most drivers are quite careful most of the time. Its a shame that as the roads get busier, these wild cards add an extra piquancy to the mix.

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