Thursday, 6 May 2010

Police enforcement

Today, when cycling along Burnaby Road a white saloon passed me, going at more than 50mph (Burnaby Road is a 30mph street, and the road has parking on both sides, making it too narrow often for opposing traffic to pass each other, its also used as a rat run by drivers hoping to avoid the Anglesea Road). At the traffic lights (junction with Park Road) I saw his redlight flash as he came to a halt. By the time I got to the junction the lights had changes and he had roared off down Burnaby Road. As I crossed at the lights I saw a police officer apparently writing a ticket for a cyclist. Possibly the cyclist had crossed the lights on red (I don't know). I stopped and asked the police officer (pleased to see he was a cycling policeman) if he had taken the cars number. He told me he hadn't noticed anything, and was dealing with this 'gentleman' (implication: mind your own business and don't bother report any crimes to ME). Hmmm. Crossing lights at red is not something I condone, but its widespread by cyclists (and quite a few drivers). I see accidents at that junction possibly each year (all involving cars though). I left that incident marking the police down a notch (again) for hitting the easy targets, and discouraging any alternatives to motor vehicles.

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