Saturday, 8 May 2010

Daughter 2 wanted to be driven to an evening meeting, only a couple of miles away. Took my folding bike, and left the car parked whilst I cycled to North End shopping. Followed the strange new cycle route, gawking at the stationary cars on Eastern Road. Morrisons has such crap cycle racks, and parking space for 4 bikes. There were about 10 cycles parked, locked to the signs for disabled parking (really there is no where else). Never seen that car park anywhere near full, why don't they create some proper cycle parking?? Also there is no easy way in (or out) of that supermarket, the entrance is from a high speed road, and the exit takes you on to a bad roundabout.

Cycle parking in supermarkets in Portsmouth Southsea:

Albert Road Tescos and Summerfield. Both good with council provided Sheffield stands on the pavement, although both exposed to weather.

Waitrose in Southsea, good, plenty of stands, unfortunately exposed to the weather. Although recent 'improvements' to the pavements (replacing the dropped kerb) mean getting to the cycle stands is more difficult, without going through the car park entrances.

Lidle on Goldsmith Avenue. This has the largest number of sheffield stands of any supermarket I've ever visited, unfortunately they are ALL used as fences in the car park and none are available for cycle parking. The supermarket has the absolutely useless and insecure front wheel cycle rack, which I have never see used. Before the store was 'improved' they had quite a few sheffield stands, but they took them all away. Now when I visit the store I lock my bike to a fence, along with the other cyclists (usually about 3 bikes there). Also they removed the rear entrance onto Francis Avenue, and drop kerbs, leading cyclists into a long cycle along the pavement, or exit and entrance on to the frantic traffic of Goldsmith Avenue.

Lidle on Norway Road. Don't get to this end of Portsmouth that often, but it does have a good covered cycle rack, well done!

Co-op on Highland road. This has three low grade sheffield stands, not bad, but positioned where a careless driver will impact them (as evidence by the stand that has been crumpled, several years ago and never replaced/repaired).

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