Friday, 4 February 2011

Private Transport Efficiency

How many cars contain one person traveling?

33=one occupant/driver
22=more than one occupant

Time 1230-1245 (Friday)
Place Southsea
Journey 3 miles
Date 8 October 2010 (Friday)

55 cars. Cold damp headwind

Approx 14% cycling usage. Pretty good considering the weather! 51% single occupant cars, pretty uninspiring. 25% of the people traveling use 56% of the road resources, single occupancy car use is very expensive for us all.

Count (1) private cars with one occupant, (2) cars with more than one occupant, (3) cyclists, all in the oncoming lane.
Do not count commercial/working vehicles (vans, taxis, cars with stuff written on them).