Thursday, 19 August 2010

Private Transport Efficiency

How many cars contain one person traveling?

27=one occupant/driver
23=more than one occupant

Time 1345
Place Southsea
Journey 2.5 miles
Date 19 August 2010 (Thursday)

50 cars. More efficient usage could have taken this down to about 30 cars, this level of sole occupant usage is bad news for a congested city such as Portsmouth. Basically single occupancy cars use such a high proportion of the road 'resource'. Its not fair.

12% cycling usage. Bit low for a nice sunny day.

Count (1) private cars with one occupant, (2) cars with more than one occupant, (3) cyclists, all in the oncoming lane.
Do not count commercial/working vehicles (vans, taxis, cars with stuff written on them).

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