Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Car efficiency and usage

How many cars contain one person traveling?

29=one occupant/driver
18=more than one occupant

Time 1300
Place Southsea
Journey 2 miles
Date 27 April 2010

47 cars. More efficient usage could have taken this down to about 25 cars. For example by cycling, walking, carrying passengers/sharing the car, or by using public transport.

Benefits to:
Other car drivers (and other road users) (less congestion)
Health benefit to former drivers if using cycling, walking, and possibly public transport
Cost saving to former drivers
Safety benefit as most RTAs involve (if not necessarily caused by) a motor vehicle

Count (1) private cars with one occupant and (2) cars with more than one occupant, when this is visible
Do not count commercial/working vehicles (vans, taxis, cars with stuff written on them)

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